The Big 5 Show, Dubai, 23 Nov 2015

Some of the major products from Donali are kept on display in one of the biggest exhibition in UAE. The Big 5 Show is one of the largest and most visited International Building and Construction Show in the GCC. The reaction of the people was amazing and many people were attracted towards the products displayed by Donali in the exhibition.



Clovemedia, Kuwait, 15 Sept 2015

On a recent agreement, CLOVEMEDIA Advertising - Creative Solutions, a media and advertising company, has joined Donali as a sole agent in Kuwait. The integration work has begun with a key focus on developing and enhancing our 3d media item. We pledge our continued commitment to enabling our success and that of our customers and delivering the benefits we expect from this merger.

Emax Store, Sharjah, 15 Aug 2015

The new Emax and Acer adrail campaign was installed at the Emax Electronics - LandmarkShops, Sharjah, UAE. The response was very good as it is a new product in the UAE market. This new way of advertising on escalator is unique and much appreciated by clients and customers. We are planning to extend our services to the whole of UAE in the days to come.