Ali Abou-Taha


We managed to build a worldwide distribution and customer base. Ours is a young company. We dream big and we are not afraid to try out even seemingly impossible ideas. We see ourselves as belonging to the third millennium and are driven to make a mark in every field that we enter. We are sometimes impatient with ourselves, but we have no fear of failure. We realize that some our most significant learnings have come from our failures. And they have become stepping stones to our most significant success. The heart and essence of our success lies in our professional team from diversified backgrounds. We have an excellent team.Our first strategic priority is to keep running our business at the highest possible level. For us, this starts with meeting and exceeding our annual financial objectives.May I take the privilege of looking forward to your continuous support and co-operation in the endeavors of Donali to make it a Global Corporate in the years to come. Finally, we are committed to managing our finances to grow our business.

“I want to drive the market - I don't want to be driven by it.”

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