About Us

DONALI is the authorized distributor for the following products in the specified regions:


REALEYES 3D Display (made in Germany based on light field technology) - MENA Region and Asia.

3D Floor (a new self-leveling decorative flooring) - MENA Region.

ADRail (a new way of advertisement on Escalators) - MENA Region.

3D Floor Poster (Floor graphics advertising in its most attractive form) - MENA Region.

RoboClean (a fully automatic façade cleaning device made in Germany) – Worldwide.


“At Donali we are constantly focused on innovating, with a servant leadership approach. We believe in the value of people, the clients we serve and the team who provides that service. Donali embraces technology in order to be the most competitive and efficient in the industry, providing a smart, searchable database with an easy process, using a clear and secure system resulting in fast, quality delivery. Donali achieves this using deep collaboration across the industry and by embracing cross-functionality internally across all departments, creating high transparency, and a learning atmosphere, which allows us to be lean and to innovate in a way that others cannot.”

Donali is the sole disturber of above mentioned technologies which we use in our companies working closely together to provide IT and Hi Tech new technology products around the world.