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Donali is an organization committed to its employees, customers, owners and community. We are result-oriented and customer focused company by providing productive environment through team work, culture and open communication methods. This profit results from ethical activities that honor the fundamental principles and values of the company. The key point that distinguishes our company from our competitors is the integrity of profit making and the related resource allocation practices by the management and its owner.The company is committed to a mutually beneficial business relationship with the community, creditors, vendors, suppliers, distributors and respected competitors.




    The innovative 3D Display with light field technology offer a unique form of three dimensional imaging. Objects seem to float in front of the screen. The viewer believes he can actually touch objects that supposedly extend up to one meter towards him. The effect is truly fascinating and really grabs the viewer’s attention.

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    RoboClean is a robotic façade cleaning device made in Germany. It is an innovative technology which can climb towers and buildings using vacuum feet on its own without any connected device. (Railroad, scaffolding, rope etc.) It can move up, down and sideways controlled by a wireless remote.

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    ADRail™ is a high quality, patented film applied to existing escalator handrails that improve attractiveness and cleanliness while serving as outstanding branding tools that can’t be missed!. ADRail is a popular advertising medium in shopping malls, hotels, sports arenas, transit stations and airports.

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  • 3D FLOOR

    3D floors are self-levelling decorative floorings used in bedrooms, bathrooms, malls, elevators and swimming pools with a special 3D effect. This unique concept from Donali will make your home or workplace come to life with a wide range of 3D designs and ideas incorporated with technical characteristics to provide the perfect design and look for any room.

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    Our innovative process for the transformation of a 2D layout to 3D space, allows for the display of objects, that seem to stand upright and can be seen even from a distance. 3D advertising on the floor with our unique method for the creation of POS pop-up displays. Floor Graphics advertising in it's most attractive and most effective form.

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